We are the makers of the LINK encrypted, containerized app for attorneys. LINK is integrated with iManage Work®, NetDocuments® DMS, OneDrive, Outlook, and the firm intranet.

The challenge is that attorneys and legal professional work with sensitive data. Legal work is centered on documents and Outlook email. Most frequently, documents are stored in proprietary Document Management Systems (DMS). Today, attorneys cannot do much beyond read email and check their calendars on their smartphones and tablets. Attorneys work long hours at their desks. But the world has changed – it’s mobile. We all need to be able to work with ease from our phones and tablets. What’s needed is a secure yet user-friendly way to work with documents and email from mobile devices.

Attorneys view, annotate, compare, and email documents within the LINK app. They edit with the Word app. They can open proprietary document links in email and quickly file email to DMS using LINK’s predictive filing. With LINK attorneys authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID, occasionally using their Active Directory password, per configurable security polices.

Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. The LINK app may be remotely wiped. As LINK is encapsulated, documents never leave the LINK app. A two-way certificate-base device authentication is performed, which prevents Man-in-the-Middle attacks. LINK’s security architecture is patented. We’d love to tell you more about the entire system.

Visit us at Booth 408 at ILTACON 2019 to see a demo of our LINK app.

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Media contact at ILTACON 2019: Maureen Blando.

Email: maureen at mobilehelix dotcom

Visit: Booth 408

When: August 18-21, 2019, Orlando

Phone: +1 347-508-0967

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About Mobile Helix

Mobile Helix™, Inc. provides software solutions which make it easy for lawyers to be productive from smartphones and tablets. The LINK system integrates iManage Work®, NetDocuments®, Outlook, network file shares, SharePoint, Handshake, and the firm portal in a single encrypted app. Mobile Helix solutions meet the high level of security required by clients in regulated industries yet are lightweight and affordable to deploy. The Mobile Helix team has extensive experience in software development and security, as well as in high reliability systems. To learn more about our leadership team, please visit: