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LINK App for Lawyers by "iPhoneJD"

Appellate attorney, Jeff Richardson, aka “iPhoneJD” is an avid user of the iPad Pro in his legal practice. See the LINK App through Jeff’s experienced eyes in this sponsored post. Read here.



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Two Live Screens

NEW! Split screen mode: work in two screens with multiple live tabs in each.

LINK’s integration of DMS and email makes it easy to check-in and email files using a single app. Open an iManage® .nrl, NetDocuments or eDocs link in email. Predictive filing to DMS and Outlook folders.



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Data Security - no higher priority

LINK’s patented security architecture ensures that firm data is safe, without burdening lawyers and staff. Encryption at-rest and in-transit. Secure container app which can be remotely wiped. Certificate-based device authentication to prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

WATCH: LINK App Security and Data Protection Features

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Email - You've got this

Use LINK email to manage email & attachments, even from your phone. View a DMS link, including tracked changes. View an email & its attachment side-by-side. Compare an attachment to a file in DMS. Annotate it. Check it into DMS. With Predictive filing and Send-and-File.

WATCH: Quickly file/profile multiple emails to DMS using LINK’s Predictive Filing

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Intranet to-go

Firms report to us that LINK’s browser is the most flexible which they have worked with. With LINK’s browser, an application which renders in Chrome or Mobile Safari will render in LINK. LINK enables you to open files via your own web applications. It takes minutes to associate a web resource with a tile in LINK. Whether you have a portal built on SharePoint, Handshake, or HTML, mobilize it with LINK.

WATCH: Your Portal, SharePoint, & Web Apps in LINK

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