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LINK’s unique integration of DMS and email makes it easy to review, annotate, compare, check-in, and email files using a single app. Open an iManage® .nrl or NetDocuments® link in email. Manage email efficiently with LINK’s predictive and multiple filing to DMS and Outlook folders.



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Data Security - no higher priority

LINK’s patented security architecture ensures that firm data is safe, without burdening lawyers and staff. Encryption at-rest and in-transit. Secure container app which can be remotely wiped. Certificate-based device authentication to prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

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Email - We've got this

Use LINK email to be productive, even from your phone. View a DMS link, including tracked changes. View an email & its attachment side-by-side. Compare an attachment to a file in DMS. Annotate it. Check it into DMS. Send and File. Use LINK’s Predictive Filing.

WATCH: Quickly file/profile multiple emails to DMS using LINK’s Predictive Filing

Go further - Mobile DLP

LINK goes beyond network security. The data itself must be protected. LINK’s Mobile DLP povides metadata filtering and external recipient checking. Restrict emailing from specified workspaces.




Intranet to-go

Beautiful portal? Use it!

Need to find a partner phone number? Check Client Matter billing? Whether you have a portal built on SharePoint, Handshake, or HTML, mobilize it with LINK. Give your firm easy access to third-party and home-grown web applications. One app, many uses.

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LINK Partners

OpenText Technology Partner
Microsofft Intelligent Security Assoication
iManage Univeral API Certified