LINK on iPad and iPhone with iManage, NetDocuments, OpenText logos


All of your documents plus Outlook in a single app. In the LINK mobile app you have the files and tools which you need to review, annotate, sign, edit, compare, and email your documents.

Use LINK on your iOS, iPadOS, or Android device plus Mac Book (M1, M2).

We are an official technology partner with iManage, NetDocuments, and OpenText.

“LINK provides direct secure access to firm documents and Email in one easy application.”
– IT Director


Toggle on Zoom or Teams in LINK Calendar

Easy Email Management

Use LINK’s Email, integrated with Exchange Web Services, to quickly manage Email & attachments, even from your phone.

File Email to Outlook and DMS folders using predictive and multiple filing to make a tedious task efficient. Send-and-file. Search, sort, and filter Email. Open an NRL or DMS link.

Annotate or sign an attachment. Then email it or import to DMS.

View: Schedule Outlook Teams and Zoom meetings or insert a link in an Email. 


Quote from Sherri Hill, IT Director, Stewart McKelvey

Agility & Security

LINK’s patented security architecture ensures that firm data is safe, without burdening attorneys. Includes encryption at-rest and in-transit, remote wipe, certificate-based device authentication, SAML SSO support. Optional integration with your MDM & Microsoft Azure Information Protection.

LINK Split Screen Mode on iPad Pro

Split-Screen for Productivity

Split-screen view on tablets: work in two screens with multiple live tabs in each.

Review documents on two screens, within LINK. Compare files. View an email on one screen while annotating an attachment on the other screen. Create your own workspace on your tablet. 



Mobilize Your Portal Image

Intranet to-go

With LINK’s browser, any web resource which renders in Chrome or Mobile Safari will render in LINK. Mobilize your portal built on SharePoint or Handshake, as well as your web applications, with LINK.

WATCH: Your Portal, SharePoint, & Web Apps in LINK