With LINK mobile professionals can...

  • Easily access multiple file shares including iManage®, NetDocuments, SharePoint, the firm portal and network file shares using one easy to use integrated, secure mobile app.
  • Edit documents with the MS Word for iPad & iPhone apps.
  • Send & file to DMS.
  • Compare an attachment to a doc in DMS.
  • Stay connected with Outlook Email, Calendar, Contacts and Notes anywhere.
  • Receive push notifications for Email and Calendar events.


Financial Advisors rely on strong relationships with their clients. Spend time with clients out of the office yet remain highly productive.

The financial markets are fast moving, competitive and unpredictable. Staying on top of dynamic situations effectively and providing insightful and targeted timely advice to clients requires access to news and data around the clock. The best Financial Advisors build strong relationships and trust with their clients by spending time with them and not being stuck in their office in order to be productive.

LINK meets the needs of the most demanding Financial Advisors.

Learn how LINK makes it easy for Financial Advisors to remain productive while mobile.

With LINK Advisors can...

  • Deliver better and more thoughtful advice to clients.
  • Access and share prospectuses, account information, performance history and analysis in real time.
  • Receive real-time Push Notifications, visible on the device lock screen, as market changes occur.
  • Respond immediately to client requests. Complete complex multi-step tasks effectively in just a few taps and swipes.
  • Rely on unsurpassed security, completely independent of the mobile device being used.