Frequently Asked Questions About LINK      link-app-dev  

  • Can I install the LINK app on my smartphone or tablet?

LINK is available from the App Store as “Mobile Helix LINK.” However, all of the apps interior to LINK are hosted by your employer or by a partner. Therefore, you will need a “Welcome” email from the LINK admin in order to register your device and get access to apps.

  • Is LINK a stand alone app?

LINK is a secure enterprise system comprised of our LINK secure container app and the LINK server software. The LINK server components are deployed on-prem on VMs behind the enterprise firewall. The server components are: LINK Gateway (reverse proxy), LINK Controller (management console), and LINK App Server. We provide the VM image.

  • What is a secure container app? 

With a secure container app, data and documents cannot leave the app. If you open a document in LINK, you cannot save the document to, or open the document in, another app or service. Nor can you save it to the device. The reverse is true, as well, you cannot import data or documents, except via IT controlled integrations.

  • Is LINK a native app or an HTML5 mobile app?

LINK takes a hybrid approach. LINK is an encrypted native app which is installed from the App Store (or provisioned by your MDM). At the heart of LINK is a WebKit-based secure mobile browser which readily hosts HTML5 and HTML applications.

  • What kind of applications can LINK deliver?

The simplest way to describe it is that LINK renders nearly any application which can be viewed in Safari or Chrome. Of course, this includes any HTML5 application. We have a technique using JavaScript to make standard HTML applications touch enabled. LINK is also integrated with certain enterprise applications including Outlook, SharePoint, iManage®, and NetDocuments®.

  • Can I edit documents using LINK? 

Yes. LINK is integrated with the Microsoft Word for iOS apps. You can annotate PDFs, too.

  • Is LINK just for law firms?

Not at all. You can use LINK for your employees or clients no matter what industry you are in. You can deploy your own web apps, third-party web apps, and you can take advantage of our pre-existing integrations with Outlook, SharePoint, network file shares, and OneDrive for Business.

  • What platforms is LINK available on?

Today, iOS. Android and Windows 10 are planned.

  • What else does LINK provide for security?                industry-insurance

🙂 Lots!

-Data is encrypted at-rest with AES-256 and in-transit with TLS over HTTPS.

-LINK has built-in first and second factor authentication.

-Devices are authenticated via certificates.

-LINK’s encryption is not dependent on the device OS APIs, therefore, LINK remains encrypted even on jail-broken and hacked devices.

-The LINK app can be remotely wiped.

-LINK employs role-based access to manage who has access to which data.

-No MDM or VPN or VDI is used. However, LINK is compatible with MDM.

If you want to know more, please write to us via the Contact Us button near the bottom of this page. 

  • How is LINK licensed?

LINK has a simple, predictable licensing model – per user, per year.

  • Do you offer a free LINK trial?                                                                             

Absolutely! LINK is up and running in one day.        industry-finance

Just write to us via “Request a Free Trial” button below. Or call us at: 347-508-0967.