Your Web Apps


Deliver your own HTML & HTML5 applications to your employees and clients securely with the LINK app.

Mobilize your web apps quickly –

  • LINK is a Safari-like mobile browser in an encrypted native app
  • LINK renders your applications without additional coding
  • Deploy the LINK VMs which host your web applications behind your firewall in 2 hours
  • Users install the LINK secure container app from the App Store

You develop applications, we take care of security – 

  • Data is encrypted at-rest with AES-256 and in-transit with TLS over HTTPS
  • With our secure container, your data never leaves the LINK app
  • Built-in second factor authentication – Touch/Face ID or PIN code
  • Remotely wipe the app and all data
  • SAML SSO support

LINK on iPad iPhone

Watch: Mobilize Your Portal, SharePoint, Web Applications with LINK

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