How does the LINK app relate to Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Here are three key things to know:

1. You don’t need to use MDM with LINK.

  • LINK is highly secure without MDM. LINK is a secure container app which can be remotely wiped. With MDM, the entire device is wiped. With LINK, only the LINK app is wiped, making LINK a good choice for BYOD or environments.  
  • LINK has two factors of authentication built-in. LINK also performs certificate-based device authentication to prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks on unsecured WiFi. Data is encrypted at-rest with AES-256 and in-transit with TLS over HTTPs. LINK includes mobile Data Loss Prevention such as metadata and key term filtering and recipient checking.
  • There’s much more to LINK’s security architecture. Please contact us below to ask us about LINK’s security.

2. If you want to use MDM with LINK, that’s fine.

LINK works with MDM. To MDM, LINK looks like any other app store app, whether iOS or Android. If you are managing apps with your MDM, you can manage LINK with your MDM. While most of our medium-sized and large-sized law firms use LINK with MDM, many of our smaller law firms use LINK without MDM.

LINK works with these MDMs, and more: AirWatch (VMware), MobileIron, InTune (Microsoft), BlackBerry MDM, XenMobile (Citrix Endpoint Management), MaaS360 (IBM), and Meraki (Cisco).

3. LINK is specifically focused on document-centric workflows for attorneys and legal staff.  

LINK incorporates a rare integration of your Document Management System (iManage Work® or NetDocuments®) and email in a single app. To open a DMS (Document Management System) link in email, just tap on the filename. You can review the document as well as any tracked changes. Use LINK’s Predictive Filing to file one or multiple emails to DMS folders or Outlook folders. Send-and-file to DMS. Mobile Device Management does not provide this easy-to-use integration of DMS and email in one app.

MDM is not focused on legal workflows. MDM is a general solution for use in any market. While you can manage several disparate apps with MDM to provide various functions, LINK seamlessly integrates the key resources, e.g., Document Management, email, annotation, and comparison in a single containerized app. You can check a document of out of Document Management, annotate or edit it, then check-in the new version. LINK also provides a managed integration with the Microsoft Word/Office apps.

Watch: Videos of legal workflows which LINK enables

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