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  • How Mobile Helix used compareDocs SDK to provide accurate document comparison in the LINK App for Lawyers

    | DocsCorp
    . The LINK App’s ethos is to provide end-to-end workflows for lawyers and legal professionals within the protected container of the app. This means users can complete their business-critical work safely without leaving LINK. Maureen Blando, President, and COO of Mobile Helix, the company behind LINK, said document comparison had been one of the most important features for users from day one.
  • What happens when the document comparison in your app isn’t reliable?

    | DocsCorp Blog
    . Picture this: you are a lawyer who relies heavily on your devices to work outside of office hours. Perhaps you use the morning commute to fire off emails from your smartphone, or maybe you use your tablet on the couch after everyone has gone to bed and the house is finally quiet. While working on these devices, you use a secure app made especially for legal professionals. It has everything you need – access to your document management system, advanced search, Word editing and annotation, and document comparison.
  • 27 Additions to My List of Legal Tech Startups

    | LawSites
    . Here are 27 additions to my list of legal startups. This brings the list to 704 entries. To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post.

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