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  • REvil has struck again. What can we do? Design for explicit access.

    | Mobile Helix Blog
    . This latest attack from REvil on Kaseya VSA confirms the obvious – the business of ransomware is here to stay. Whether it is REvil, a spinoff from REvil, or an entirely new organization that is inspired by REvil’s success, a collective reconsideration of how we protect networks and endpoints is overdue. It has become standard practice to disable security software in order to enable functionality, rather than demanding the opposite – that software declare its intended behaviors in order to enable security software to detect anomalous behavior.
  • How It Works: LINK App from Mobile Helix, for Working from Anywhere, Securely

    | LawSites
    . In today’s episode of How It Works, we look at the LINK app from Mobile Helix, enabling attorneys to work from anywhere, securely, on their documents, Outlook email, and firm intranet, from a tablet or smartphone. To introduce the product and demonstrate how it works, Bob Ambrogi is joined by Seth Hallem, Mobile Helix CEO, co-founder and chief architect.
  • Per the Data​: Remote Work is Not a Phase in Legal

    | LinkedIn
    . The economics of remote work were positive in 2020. Law firms will likely make changes, for instance in leases, to capitalize on this going forward. Attorneys made a positive adjustment to working from home and would like to retain some of that flexibility in the future.

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