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  • LINK App for Lawyers by “iPhone J. D.”

    | iPhone J. D.
    . LINK from Mobile Helix is a secure system that allows attorneys to use the LINK app, available on the App Store, on either an iPad or iPhone to access email, document management systems, intranet portals, and more. At your firm, you run LINK server software deployed on-premises behind your firm's firewall. I've had a chance to see how LINK works, and it is quite impressive.
  • REvil has struck again. What can we do? Design for explicit access.

    | Mobile Helix Blog
    . This latest attack from REvil on Kaseya VSA confirms the obvious – the business of ransomware is here to stay. Whether it is REvil, a spinoff from REvil, or an entirely new organization that is inspired by REvil’s success, a collective reconsideration of how we protect networks and endpoints is overdue. It has become standard practice to disable security software in order to enable functionality, rather than demanding the opposite – that software declare its intended behaviors in order to enable security software to detect anomalous behavior.
  • How It Works: LINK App from Mobile Helix, for Working from Anywhere, Securely

    | LawSites
    . In today’s episode of How It Works, we look at the LINK app from Mobile Helix, enabling attorneys to work from anywhere, securely, on their documents, Outlook email, and firm intranet, from a tablet or smartphone. To introduce the product and demonstrate how it works, Bob Ambrogi is joined by Seth Hallem, Mobile Helix CEO, co-founder and chief architect.

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