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  • ILTA Webinar: Attorney-on-the-Go: Make Your Mobile Inbox Work for You with the LINK App, April 29

    Attorneys live in email. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s the lifeline to clients and colleagues, but the volume of email is staggering. Managing and filing email is tedious and time-consuming. The LINK app is designed specifically for legal work. Join us for a 29-minute webinar to see how you can manage email from your phone or tablet, including opening a DMS link and filing email to iManage® or NetDocuments® DMS.

  • See the LINK App at iManage ConnectLive, May 7 & 8, NYC

    ConnectiveLive 2019 is at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square! We are thrilled to be a sponsor of ConnectLive for the 4th year! May 7-8, Marriott Marquis, Times Square – Agenda & Registration here To arrange a time for a demo or meeting at ConnectLive, write to us  at contact@mobilehelix.com.   Your trusted document management […]

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  • LegalTechLIVE: LINK App for Lawyers CEO Seth Hallem and COO Maureen Blando

    | LegalTechLIVE
    . Check out this episode with CEO Seth Hallem and COO Maureen Blando of MobileHelix. They have built the LINK App for lawyers. Seth is our first guest who has had a previous, highly successful exit from a technology company. After which, he decided to attack this issue in legaltech. Watch the recorded livestream here.
  • How Mobile Helix used compareDocs SDK to provide accurate document comparison in the LINK App for Lawyers

    | DocsCorp
    . The LINK App’s ethos is to provide end-to-end workflows for lawyers and legal professionals within the protected container of the app. This means users can complete their business-critical work safely without leaving LINK. Maureen Blando, President, and COO of Mobile Helix, the company behind LINK, said document comparison had been one of the most important features for users from day one.
  • What happens when the document comparison in your app isn’t reliable?

    | DocsCorp Blog
    . Picture this: you are a lawyer who relies heavily on your devices to work outside of office hours. Perhaps you use the morning commute to fire off emails from your smartphone, or maybe you use your tablet on the couch after everyone has gone to bed and the house is finally quiet. While working on these devices, you use a secure app made especially for legal professionals. It has everything you need – access to your document management system, advanced search, Word editing and annotation, and document comparison.

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