LINK provides seamless email + documents workflows in one highly secure app


We focus on the nuances of legal workflows to make working easy on mobile devices

In a single app, you access your documents, email, and intranet. iManage Work® and NetDocuments® DMS are integrated with LINK email so that you can open DMS links, file email to DMS or Outlook folders, and import attachments to DMS. You have full DMS access. Review, annotate, compare, and email documents within LINK. Edit documents with the Microsoft Office apps.

Work when and where you want to.


LINK is highly secure, yet user-friendly

LINK is a secure container app which can be remotely wiped. Data is encrypted at-rest with AES-256 and in-transit with TLS over HTTPS. The LINK app uses Active Directory for first factor authentication and has built-in second factor authentication of Touch/Face ID or a PIN code. Devices are authenticated with certificates. LINK Email includes DLP features such as Recipient Checking, String Checking, and Metadata Stripping. LINK’s optional integration with Microsoft Azure AD Information Rights Management means that when a doc is checked out of DMS, only that AD user can decrypt it.


LINK is easy to deploy

LINK deploys in 3 hours or less on VMs behind the firm firewall/proxy. Your lawyers start working with LINK immediately. LINK is architected to scale and to comply with your firm’s needs for capacity, redundancy, and fail-over.


Simple, affordable pricing model

LINK offers a simple per user, per year licensing model making costs transparent and predictable. There are no other fees.