For iManage Work® Users

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The LINK App uniquely integrates iManage Work® with Outlook email in a single, secure app. LINK includes in-app annotation – annotate a file in Work or attached to email, then email or check-in to DMS.

With LINK’s new split screen mode, work in two live screens, with multiple tabs in each screen. For example, you can have an email open in one screen and annotate a document in the other.

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Key Features of LINK with Work

·  In-app annotation and in-app comparison

·  Open NRLs and view tracked changes automatically

·  Import an email attachment to iManage

·  Predictive Email filing to iManage or Outlook folders

·  Send-and-File to iManage Work



LINK is integrated with iManage® Work, Outlook, SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive, the Office apps, web applications, and the firm portal/intranet. NEW: Schedule and host or join Teams and Zoom meetings from LINK Calendar.

Edit securely with the Microsoft Word app. LINK’s streamlined workflow lets you check-out, edit with the Word app, and check-in to iManage Work. LINK supports an optional integration with Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS).

Security Highlights

The LINK app is a secure container app and can be remotely wiped. LINK is encrypted with AES-256 at-rest and TLS over HTTPS in-transit. LINK uses Active Directory for first factor authentication and has built-in second factor authentication of either Face ID or Touch ID. No VPN, MDM, or VDI is needed. SAML Single Sign-on, including Okta and Azure, is supported.

Use LINK with iManage Work, Work 10, and Work 10 Cloud.

On-prem or in the Cloud – we support both.

We are proud to be an official iManage Technology Partner, licensed to use the iManage Universal APIs.

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LINK is an iManage Universal App

Mobile Helix is an official iManage Technology Partner using the UniversalAPIs.