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Use LINK with iManage Work, Work 10, and Work 10 Cloud.

Mobile Helix is an official iManage Technology Partner using the UniversalAPIs.

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Your trusted document management system, iManage Work®, in a secure container app. Your documents never leave the LINK app via “Open in” or “Copy to.”

LINK iPad and iPhone 2021

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LINK Features and Workflows

  • View an NRL attachment to email as well as any tracked changes
  • Review, nnotate, compare, and email documents – all within the secure container app
  • Easy DMS search
  • Edit docs with the MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. It’s easy to check-out a doc from DMS, edit it, and check-in to DMS as a new version.
  • Import email attachments into iManage Work
  • Predictive email filing to iManage or Outlook folders
  • Send-and-file to DMS
  • Offline access to documents and email
  • With metadata and keyword filtering; recipient checking
  • A single app for documents, email and web applications, including the firm portal


LINK iPhone 2021

Some of LINK’s security features:

LINK is a secure container app which can be remotely wiped. Data is encrypted at-rest with AES-256 and in-transit with TLS over HTTPS. LINK performs a two-way device authentication.


LINK may be integrated with Microsoft Azure AD Information Rights Management (IRM). Only the AD user can decrypt the document.

No VPN or MDM is needed, however LINK works with MDM.


View the LINK Datasheet for iManage Users HERE


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