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Your trusted document management system


LINK Blue Home Screen iManage Only

in a secure container app.

Your sensitive docs never leave the LINK app.

See LINK in action at our VIDEO CHANNEL.

View the LINK App Datasheet here. 


LINK Features

  • View an NRL attachment to email as well as any tracked changes

  • Edit docs with the MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. It’s easy to check-out a doc from DMS, edit it, and check-in to DMS as a new version.

  • Integration with Microsoft Azure AD Information Rights Management (IRM) – only the AD user can modify the document

  • Annotate documents securely within the LINK app

  • Send-and-file to DMS

  • Compare an attachment to email to a doc in DMS

  • Offline access to documents and email

  • LINK’s secure container means that there is no document or data leakage

  • A single app for Work, Outlook, SharePoint, and web applications, including the firm portal


LINK is a secure container app.

Your documents cannot be saved to or “opened in” another app or service. There is no data leakage. Data is encrypted at-rest with AES-256 and in-transit with TLS over HTTPs. LINK uses Active Directory for first factor authentication and has built-in second factor authentication of Touch ID or PIN code.



LINK may now be integrated with Microsoft Azure AD Information Rights Management (IRM). Only the AD user can decrypt the document.

Devices are authenticated with certificates. LINK may be remotely wiped.

No VPN or MDM is needed, however LINK works with MDM if you have it. With LINK’s single sign-on, professionals can access all resources with the initial authentication.



LINK App with iManage Work – Download Datasheet


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