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Easy access to your docs

Docs in DMS, NetDocuments, SharePoint, and network file shares are quick to tap into. Attach a doc to Email. Send and File-to-DMS. Search by attachment and attach to a new email. Check free/busy for a meeting.

Work Anywhere

With LINK, your docs, calendars, firm portal, SharePoint, and web applications are conveniently available on your smartphone or tablet.

Email integrated with DMS

LINK Email has access to your corporate calendar, DMS, files in SharePoint or network shares and more! Send and File to DMS,
file an email or import an attachment as a new document or new version, and easily find and view attachments or forward attachments on your phone or tablet.

Simple yet Secure

Lawyers love that LINK is easy to use. LINK’s secure container ensures that there is no data leakage and LINK can be wiped remotely.

LINK SharePoint on iPad

Sharepoint Portal

Use your firm portal from LINK – without coding. Access calendars, libraries, team sites, as well as third-party portal integrations.