Webinar: Industrial espionage is a threat to your firm. What it is, how it is a threat, and what you can do. June 8

Register Here Button BlueWith thanks to our host, David Clark, we are happy to present this 45-minute data security webinar. Free, of course. We aren’t serving lunch, but each attendee will receive a $20 Doordash coupon to use at your convenience.

June 8, 2021, Noon MT


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Mobile Helix CEO, Seth Hallem, will present:

1. How these attacks work across devices

2. Specific challenges of securing data on mobile devices

3. How the LINK app’s secure container and system architecture address these challenges

How does industrial espionage work? How pervasive is it? What can you do about it? In this webinar, we will explore these questions. We will focus specifically on the ways in which malicious actors look to compromise enterprise systems through attacks against end users. We will discuss attacks specifically designed to compromise mobile devices along with some of the unique challenges of securing data on mobile devices.

We will also explore how the Link app and the Link system address these attack vectors through a fundamentally different approach to securing data access, data transport, and data storage. We will show a brief demo of the LINK app. This is mainly an educational webinar.

Speakers: Seth Hallem, CEO, Co-founder, & Chief Architect, Mobile Helix

Maureen Blando, COO, Mobile Helix

Questions: contact maureen at mobilehelix dot com

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