View email and file in split screen

Split-screen mode with multi-tab view - a new way to work

Two screens, multiple live tabs

    • View documents entirely within the secure container
    • Edit documents with MS Word app
    • Annotate files, then save, import or email
    • Check an attachment into DMS
    • Predictive & multiple filing
    • Send-and-File email
    • Search DMS
    • Access your firm intranet portal / SharePoint / Handshake
    • Use intranet web applications / HTML5 apps securely

See LINK videos for NetDocuments users here

In-app Annotation and File Comparison

    • Annotate files in NetDocuments
    • Annotate files in email
    • Compare versions of a Word document
    • Compare two Word documents in DMS
    • Compare a Word attachment in email to a Word document in DMS