We’d love to work with you. Here’s why we think that you’ll love to work with us.


Our team. We know enterprise mobility. We are innovators. Our team has over fifty years of combined mobile experience. We have successfully built companies that have generated over $1 Billion of value. Our customer focus. Helping our customers meet their most difficult goals is our most important priority. We do that by listening to you.


With LINK it’s easy to get started. Link deploys in minutes and delivers real results immediately. Link integrates with your existing Intranet infrastructure and back-end systems.Link extends existing workflows to mobile users quickly and efficiently without changes to your infrastructure.


LINK is architected to scale. Link is a software-only solution built on industry standards. To scale, simply deploy more instances of the Link Gateway either on premises or in the secure Mobile Helix Cloud. Link does the rest. There is no penalty as to the number of users, applications and devices connected to the system increases.


LINK meets all of your needs. With Link you can mobilize files, email, SharePoint and web apps today. In addition, Link opens the door to writing your own mobile apps. Our Mobile App Software Development Kit enables teams to quickly and easily write mobile web apps that meet the needs of demanding mobile professionals. Update apps as often as your business needs demand. Deliver them securely with Link.


LINK delivers unparalleled security. We focus on intelligently securing sensitive corporate data and not on securing mobile devices. We ensure that mobile is the safest link in your data security strategy yet remains friendly and easy to use. We are experts in security. Securing your data is central to our solutions.