ILTA On-Demand Presentation – Mobility Showcase with Mobile Helix

One in a series of ILTA product showcases related to mobility. View here. 

Description: LINK is an encrypted container app with built-in two-factor authentication. LINK can be remotely wiped and gives you full access to iManage, NetDocuments, Outlook, SharePoint and the intranet from smartphones and tablets. Highlights include: open an NRL attachment from native email, check out and edit documents, compare versions or compare attachment against document in DMS, send and file email, DMS search and more.

Speaker: Ilya Dreytser, the Director of Customer Engineering at Mobile Helix, handles pre- and post-sales support and services. Working with customers to understand their needs and use cases, he ensures that Mobile Helix has the right functionality to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.