ILTA Webinar: Your Intranet in a Mobile App – No VDI. No VPN., June 15

Now more than ever, people need options for working away from the office. Give your lawyers and staff easy access to your intranet resources. Your firm portal, SharePoint, third-party web applications, and your own in-house web applications are delivered in a single app with a simple tile interface.

Intranet Webinar Image


Law firms use LINK to give single-app access these resources, and more:

– Firm portal

– SharePoint – CRM

– Liquid Files

– Intapp Open

– Outlook

– OneDrive


This 30-minute webinar will feature a demo of our LINK app. LINK is an encrypted, containerized app, which entirely separates firm resources from everything else on the smartphone or tablet. IT manages LINK’s security policies and user roles.

The LINK mobile app provides these security measures, and more:

– NTLM Single Sign-on

– Easy 2F authentication with Face ID and Touch ID; first factor is AD password

– Encryption of firm data at-rest and in-transit

– Containerization of documents & remote wipe of app

LINK is integrated with iManage Work®, NetDocuments DMS®, Email (Exchange), Office 365, the Office apps, and the firm intranet. LINK has in-app document annotation and comparison.

Speaker Mobile Helix: Maureen Blando, President & COO

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