ILTA Webinar: Paperless? It’s Easy with the LINK App, July 20

Printers and paper and shredders…oh, my!

Suddenly law firms were faced with the question – do we ship printers to employees? Do we even want people to print? Do we need to ship shredders, too? Or do we ask people to hold all their printing then bring it to the office for shredding there? Whew. 

This is a perfect opportunity to move key workflows to paperless workflows.

Paperless Webinar Image

In this 30-minute webinar, which will feature a demo of our LINK app, see how LINK’s in-app annotation along with integration with DMS, network files shares, OneDrive, and email, makes it easy to review, markup, check-in, and email documents. 

You will see:

• Paperless pre-bill workflows

• Annotate and/or sign a file or email attachment, then check-in and email

• LINK’s custom workflows to automate tasks, like check-in and email in one step

• Compare files then annotate Image of iPad

• LINK’s own PDF viewer designed for legal document review

LINK is an encrypted, containerized app, which entirely separates firm resources from everything else on the smartphone or tablet. IT manages LINK’s security policies and user roles. LINK is used on tablets and smartphones.

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