ILTA Webinar – Demo: Annotate, Edit, & Take Notes with the LINK App, Nov. 16

Attorneys tell us that one of their favorite things about LINK is that they can use a single app to get to their documents in both DMS and email, then annotate with LINK, or edit using the Microsoft Word app. It’s also easy to take notes in LINK, then save them to DMS, OneDrive, or Network File Shares.

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Join this 30-minute ILTA webinar to see a demo of accessing documents in DMS or Email, then annotating or editing. We’ll also show how easy it is to take notes in LINK and save.

We will show:

1. Access to iManage Work® and NetDocuments DMS

2. Annotation features

3. Compare a document attached to an email to a version in DMS, then annotate, and email

4. Edit a document with Word, check-in to DMS, and compare to the prior version

5. Take a note by typing or using your finger or a pencil/stylus, then import to DMS

LINK is integrated with: • iManage Work® 8 and up, including Work 10 Cloud • NetDocuments DMS • Outlook • In-app annotation • compareDocs from DocsCorp • Office 365 • Network file shares • Firm portal/intranet • Web applications

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