ILTA Podcast: Mobile Devices: We Use Them All Day Long – When Do We Start Protecting Them?

You can listen to this ILTA Podcast recorded on June 17, 2022 on Podbean here.

@David Whale – Director Information Security, Fasken Martineau Dumoulin LLP

@Seth Hallem – CEO & Chief Architect, Mobile Helix

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Questions that David asked Seth Hallem:

1. Mobile devices are essentially a smaller version of a computer that can fit in your pocket. They’re on us and in use almost all the time. Confidential information flows to, from and through them, yet we don’t seem to secure them to the same level as a computer. Is that because they’re just secure out of the box? Or are we missing something?
2. What types of threats and attacks should we be concerned about with our mobile devices?
3. A lot of organizations may say we use MDM (mobile device management) to secure our mobile fleet of devices. Is an MDM sufficient?
4. If out of the box security and usage of an MDM is not quite enough, what addition protections should we be looking at?
5. How should different usage patterns and user interfaces of mobile devices factor into an organization’s model of the mobile security threat and mobile security solutions?
6.Obviously budgets and staff have an influence on just how much security you can deploy and manage. What would be the top 3 items that all businesses and mobile users should put into place to help protect their mobile devices?

Thank you to ILTA and David Whale!

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