ILTA Educational Webinar: Protect Your Data in a Remote Work Environment, June 10

Working remotely became a neccessity almost overnight. But were firm architectures ready? Two common entry points to system hacks, social engineering and network vulnerabilities, threaten the security of remote working. In this session, Mobile Helix CEO and Chief Architect, Seth Hallem, will describe these vulnerabilities and propose practical and actionable ways to address these weaknesses using safe browsing, network proxies, authentication, authorization, and DLP. These mitigations apply to both desktop and mobile devices.

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This is an ILTA Educational Webinar. It is free to members as well as to non-members as part of ILTA’s COVID-19 content. Non-members may register for a free login-in.



I. Social engineering: Phishing, “Water Hole,” SIM card swaps

Mitigations including:

A. Safe browsing


C. Web filtering via proxying

D. Data Loss Prevention (DLP): printing, recipient checking, metadata filtering

II. Network vulnerabilities

Mitigations including:

A. Layered security

B. Filter – proxy

C. Authenticate the source – certificates, IP fencing, DoS defense

D. Authenticate the user – AD credentials, complex passwords, SSO

E. Authorize – manage email attachments

III. Example of a secure architecture

We welcome you and your questions on June 10th.

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