LINK is secure, cost effective and affordable, with a simple per user, per year licensing model. LINK is deployed quickly on vms behind the firm firewall.


LINK delivers compelling performance, features and security. LINK offers a clear, simple per user, per year licensing model making costs transparent and predictable.


It’s EASY to get STARTED.
LINK deploys in a day on VMs behind the firm firwwall. LINK delivers real results immediately. LINK extends existing workflows to mobile devices quickly without changes to existing infrastructure.


LINK is architected to scale.
LINK is a software-only solution built on industry standards. LINK is set up on VMs behind your proxy and load-balancer. For high performance globally, the LINK Gateway may be set up in each region, without additional licensing fees.


LINK delivers unparalleled security.
LINK’s encrypted container app secures sensitive corporate data without restricting the mobile device. The LINK app uses Active Directory for first factor authentication and has built-in second factor authentication. Devices are registered via certificate. The LINK app may be remotely wiped and locked.  Learn more by reading our Security White Paper.